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Mar 06

SURVIVE: Knowing Your Syllabus

1. Pick one of your current syllabi (from any class or the instructor who assigned this activity). 2. Highlight and annotate different types of policies (see an example list of policies below). 3. Construct a legend that correlates each type of annotation (yellow highlight, squiggly underline, etc.) with the type of policy. 4. Read through …

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Mar 05

SURVIVE: Knowing Your Instructor

1. Construct either a business card (consider using an index card) or an electronic contact file for your instructor (Sample Contact Card). Make sure you include all important contact information like: full name title department class email phone office location office hours other contact information 2. Upload a picture or screenshot of your resulting business …

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Mar 04

SURVIVE: Knowing Where You Are

1. Draw a map or write a story that depicts the various locations and pathways to your classes. 2. Be sure to include both physical and digital locations (if you have an online class or an online component to the class). 3. Upload a picture or screenshot of your resulting map.  

Mar 02

THRIVE: Knowing Your Course Goals

1. Read the course goals/objectives/outcomes. 2. Write your own list of course goals and expectations for the course. 3. Visually map both your instructor’s and your course goals in a mind map. You can make your mind map by drawing, using post-its, or an application like Mindomo or Popplet. 4. Upload a picture or screenshot …

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Mar 01

THRIVE: End-of-Course, Reflecting on Your Course Experience

1. Reflect on the following questions. What surprised you this semester? Why? Revisit the course goals and syllabus. Can you find traces of what surprised you within those documents? Revisit your course goals and expectations. Do you still think they were appropriate for the class? Why or why not? 2. Write a one-page “How to …

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