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Apr 15

SURVIVE: Improving Motivation

Check out this “self-diagnosis” on “Increasing Motivation.” Select one of the handouts, and complete what is suggested of you. Write a reflection on whether or not you think it did, or will, help with your motivation. Share your reflection.  

Apr 14

SURVIVE: Remembering Important Concepts

Check out these various strategies for memorizing content. Try using a strategy to help memorize some school materials. Write a reflection on whether or not you think the strategy did, or will, help in future studies. Share your reflection.

Apr 13

THRIVE: Using Study Guides

Choose course content on a class that might require you to create a study guide (notes or reading material for an upcoming test, for example) Select two of the five methods for creating study guides. Create two different study guides for the same course content. Write a reflection on which study guide you think helped …

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Apr 12

THRIVE: Learning with Study Groups

If one mind can learn a lot, imagine what many minds can do! Put together a study group for one of your classes. Use the “Peer Study Groups” website to help set up and organize your group. After you have met at least three times, reflect on whether or not you think the study group …

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Apr 11

THRIVE: Reflecting to Learn

Mid-course 1. Examine your grades this semester, and reflect on your progress in your class (or your most challenging class). Write a response to the following prompts: What are your studying strengths and weaknesses? What study techniques do you think work best for the content in this class (practice, memorization, comprehensive review)? Are you currently …

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