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Apr 30

SURVIVE: Knowing Your Student Services

1. Select one of ODU’s Student Support Services you did not know about. Go to the website and read about the service. (If you already knew about all the services, pick one you would like to know more about.) ODU Student Support Services Counseling Services Dining Health & Safety Information Technology Leadership & Student Involvement …

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Apr 29

SURVIVE: Identifying Help

1. Think about a tough time you’ve had during your academic career (it does not have to be while at ODU) and/or consider a time when a friend struggled, 3. What Student Service service may have helped your or your friend in that time of struggle? How and why? (Consider visiting some of the websites …

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Apr 28

THRIVE: Getting Help

1. Think about what has happened the past two weeks. Look at your schedule for the upcoming two weeks. 2. Look at the list of Student Success Services. Pick two services that might help you process the past two weeks and/or be more successful the next two weeks. ODU Student Support Services Counseling Services Dining …

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Apr 27

THRIVE: Committing to Success

1. Visit the office of one of the student services and collect an information pamphlet. If you are a distance student, go to the website. 2. Take a picture of yourself holding the pamphlet and/or reading the website. 3. Write a short description of why you chose to visit that particular location and how/why you …

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Apr 26

THRIVE: Mid-/End-of-Course, Reflecting on Using Student Services

1. Schedule and attend at least one appointment/visit with a Student Success Service. 2. After you have completed at least one appointment with a Student Success Service, reflect on the following questions: How useful was the service in helping you during your term? What might you have done to help make the appointment more useful? …

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