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Apr 29

SURVIVE: Meditating to Help Sleeping

1. Try taking a nap and/or meditating for 15 minutes at least four days a week. Do so in the earlier in the day; avoid napping in the late afternoon/evening. To meditate, all you have to do is sit/lay quietly, and keep your mind focused on your breathing. 2. After a week where you napped …

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Apr 28

THRIVE: Sleeping a Whole 8 Hours

1. Time for an experiment: for one week (including the weekend), be in bed (without stimulants like backlit devices or homework) for at least 8 hours. Sleep may or may not come during that time, but your body is resting in bed for 8 hours a night. 2. At the end of that week, draft …

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Apr 27

THRIVE: Researching Sleep Hours

1. Some people need 9 hours; others only need 6. For two¬†weeks, record the following each day: hours slept the previous night how you felt during the day 2. At the end of two¬†weeks, draft a response to the following: How many hours of sleep do you think you need? Which days demonstrate this is …

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Apr 26

THRIVE: Mid-/End-of-Course, Sleeping and Learning

1. Research your sleeping for four weeks. 2. Each day reflect on the time you slept, your energy levels, and your experiences in class and/or while doing homework. 3. After four weeks, look back at your notes. Look for connections or trends associated with your sleeping and learning. Reflect upon what you learned about your …

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Apr 30

SURVIVE: Preparing to Sleep

1. From the list below, identify any activity you engage in at least an hour before bed. Watching TV Browsing the internet Reading from a backlit device (like a computer/tablet/phone) Doing homework Playing video games Heavy snacking/eating Drinking too many fluids Smoking Drinking alcohol Working 2. Select replacement activities from the list below: Hungry? Try …

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