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Apr 30

Preparing to Read

Academic reading can require more focus and energy than reading you may do in your free time. To help you focus during your next reading, or homework, session, be sure to prepare the space you will be working in. Select a space with good lighting and ventilation. Select an appropriate space with minimal external distractions. …

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Apr 29

Overcoming Reading Distractions

If you find yourself getting distracted a lot while you read, try this activity. 1. Set aside 3 minutes to work on a reading assignment for your class. 2. As you read, any time that you are distracted, make a checkmark on a piece of scrap paper and think to yourself, “I will not be …

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Apr 28

Conquering Distractions

1. Look at the list of Other Mental Strategies and select the two strategies that you would like to try while studying. 2. Decide what upcoming projects/homework assignments you will implement the mental/focus strategy. 3. After you use each strategy, write a paragraph that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. Consider how and …

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Apr 27

Ignoring Bodily Distractions

The author of this article about concentration while studying notes the four “areas for distraction” on your body: your ears, your eyes, your hands, and your mouth. He offers solutions for each for each of the areas and how to overcome and avoid many of the distractions that accompany those. Which of those four “areas …

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