Apr 30

Preparing to Read

Stacked books.

Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Brenda Clark

Academic reading can require more focus and energy than reading you may do in your free time. To help you focus during your next reading, or homework, session, be sure to prepare the space you will be working in.

  • Select a space with good lighting and ventilation.
  • Select an appropriate space with minimal external distractions.
  • Be well rested so you do not fall asleep.
  • Be sure to process, or temporarily put aside, any internal distractions (worries or concerns about other aspects of your life or other classes, etc.).
  • Warn others, physically and/or digitally, that you are studying and to not distract you.

1. Take or draw a picture of your prepared working space. You may use any computer drawing program (Paintshop, MS Paint, Google Draw, etc.) to draw your workspace, or you may use a pencil and paper to draw it and then take a picture with a camera.

2. Share your image.



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  1. dadam018

    Attached here is the image of the Unos that I go to. There are WAY too many distractions in my home. Four kids, my brother and sister, and video systems distract me too much, so anywhere but my house makes a good study place. The reason why I choose a restaurant is because I can relax and unwind in that setting and stay focused on what I’m studying.

  2. dfarm006

    my desk in my room where I do all my reading and studying

  3. gshine

    Photo attached. My very comfortable reading chair.

  4. gshine

    OK sounds good.

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