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SURVIVE: Matching Academic Services to your Assignments

odu-learnign-comons1. Pull out a syllabus or course schedule for one courses.

2. Briefly read about each academic service listed below.

3. Use the worksheet to match Student Academic Services to all of the assignments in one

4. Reply with a list of the top three academic services that will help you the most. Discuss which assignment in which they will help you succeed.

Old Dominion University’s Academic Services

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  1. swmrajt


  2. pamos

    I reviewed the syllabus for Biol 315 General Microbiology. I am currently enrolled in this class. The three services I will find the most useful are the Learning Commons, The writing center, and the Library.
    I intend to use these services for the following assignments.I intend to have the writing center aide In my revision of my summary paper on scientific writing. I also have homework assignments which I intend to complete during break periods on the computer available in the library. I plan to use the collaboration rooms in the learning commons for group study of exam material.

  3. Ybadis

    I took MAE 340 last semester and I found many academic services on campus to be very helpful.
    The class is a mechanical engineering requirement, it’s called Computational Methods. We are taught how to use a programming Software called Matlab to solve iterative mathematical problems.
    This software is not only expensive but also requires a lot of memory and a fast computer. This is why the library at ODU has been very helpful; it provides computers with the software built in. Almost all my assignments and projects were done in there. In addition in provides a Z: Drive for students to store and retrieve their work any time anywhere on campus.
    The Math and science resource center has been helpful as well, because while all assignments were computer based, the in-class tests required us to solve mathematical problems by hand. I visited the math and science resource center before every test and the final exam to go through any questions I still had. The TA’s there were great and always ready to help.
    For the two group projects that were assigned, my group and I held meeting in the sounds proof glass rooms that are equipped with a large screen computer and white board. The learning commons were extremely convenient for group work and can be reserved for any time of the day. – Yacine Badis

  4. mjdesantis

    For my course MATH 103M my top 3 academic services would have to be Smarthinking, Math & Science Resource Center, and Learning Commons.

    Smarthinking is ideal for this course because it is so compact, due to being a summer class. There are massive amounts of homework and I find myself up late every week doing them. A little 2 am assistance would go a long way.

    Math & Science Resource Center is a no brainer. The SI sessions are perfect for asking questions in a group setting, that way everyone gets in extra study and learning time together. I have found that many people like me go for quiz help, both preparation questions and post quiz corrections.

    The Learning Commons offers peer tutoring, which is key for test preparations. Many of the tutors have all taken the classes you have and are possibly even familiar with the professor and teaching methods. What better way to learn something than from someone who’s been there, experience is the best teacher.

  5. Kevmartz11

    I’m taking ENGL 110C, a composition course, in this summer semester. We have 7 composition assignments, 2 of which are already completed, that will need to be worked on throughout the semester. The remaining assignments would benefit from the services of Advising & Transfer office, the Learning Commons and the Library offered in ODU.

    The Interview and Field Research assignments would benefit the most out of these offered services due to the fact that they will require me to inquire about my field of study, Accounting. The work consists of interviewing a professional in that field, then researching how that field deals with writing in terms of how often will it will be used, what format is supposed to be used and who will be the audience for said writing.

    I would need to go to the Advising & Transfer personnel for them to provide me with connections to people that are working in my field and would be inclined to accept an interview. The Library is an indispensable resource for the research paper due to the fact that I am required to utilize various sources in book format to serve as my foundation in my paper. I own a PC, but if I were to have the need to use a computer while I’m searching for books, the Learning Commons would be of great aid by providing me instant access to the internet to help further my research with additional information found on the internet.

  6. epapp002

    The three most important Academic Services for me this semester is the Library, the Writing Center, and the Peer Educator Program.
    From these three services the library is the most important for me. I do not have an own personal computer at home so I need to use someone else’s at home. This can be annoying since all of my homework should be submitted via online. It is hard to find a time period when there is an available computer unless nobody is home except for me. That is why I try to do everything I can in the Library. There are a lot of computers and since it is summer there are only some people around so there is always a free computer. Luckily I have got some time between my classes so I can use that time frame to do my homework or study in the Library. When I am not in class I am almost always in the library when I am on campus. I cannot point out an exact assignment in this case because all of the assignments required are need to be done on a computer with internet access so I will use this service for every one of my homework.
    The Writing Center will play also an important role. The English Composition class is mainly about writing so it is obvious that they can help me. Also I am not a native speaker so they can help me even more than for a local student. Although I speak english since over a decade now but the Hungarian and any other country’s education in English is not the best. In fact with the knowledge I got from there is hardly enough here so this center will be more than useful for me. I already used this service in my Memoir assignment and I will use it again when I am writing an Argument Analysis.
    Peer Educator Program will be also useful for me. At this point my mother pays my tuition but she cannot pay it for much long so I will have to look for a scholarship. Every single scholarship has a GPA requirement and since I am not a US citizen my possibilities are limited. I am eligible for only about 10% of the scholarships available so I need to have a high GPA if I want to get some kind of tuition assistance. This service can help me in all of my assignment but most likely I will use it for my major assignment. For example the Argument Analysis or the Reflective Cover Letter.

  7. twils055

    • Career Management Center Assignment: Reflective Cover Letter, Interview

    • Will help me as far as choosing my major and a career that I would like to have . Hopefully, I can find something that fit my interest in strengths to pick someone to interview.
    • Library Assignment: Field Research, L2L Assignments
    o I use the library to complete my online assignments and it gives me a peaceful place to work in .
    • Writing Center Assignment: Memoir Assignment
    o Pretty much all assignments I can come for help for here. The writing center is a great place to get some good feedback and peer editing.

  8. Joey

    Joey V
    English 110C M-F 9:30-10:50

    The top three academic services that will help me the most for Math 212 (calculus II) are the Library, the Math and Science Resource Center (MSRC) and Smarthinking. Some of the academic services are useless to me as I am not eligible for them, or they are designed to assist with problems I do not have. A few examples of this are the English Language Center, the Office of Educational Accessibility, and the Student Support Services.

    I believe the most useful academic service to me would be the MSRC. It is designed to help me with any question I have about anything to do with calculus II. There are many people there to help me specifically with calculus II. They will be able to help me with every assignment in the class. In calculus II I am responsible for labs, homework, quizzes, tests, and a final examination and the MSRC will help me complete or prepare for every one of these. One downside is that it is only opened for limited hours.

    I believe the second most useful tool would be the Library. The library includes the learning commons. I will be able to come here to use there computers if I ever need to, or to study, prepare for, and work on assignments with colleagues. This academic service will also help me with every assignment I have. The library is opened 24/7, but some places are restricted at certain hours.

    The third most important resource would be Smarthinking. I can use this tool to help me no matter where I am, or what time of the day. I have online tutoring available 24/7 from any location. This will also help me with all my assignments, however I would use it as a back up to the other two because it is harder to get help over a computer than in person.

  9. dadam018

    After looking at the syllabus for HLTH 120G, the three services that will help me the most with this class are the Library, The Writing Center, and Learning Commons.

    My course consists of three projects that I will have to turn in for a grade. They include a powerpoint assignment, a research paper, and an excel assignment.

    The powerpoint assignment could benefit with the help of the Writing Center and Learning Commons. The reason for this is because HLTH 120G is a research extensive course that requires me to research articles. We are given the task of finding a research topic that’s health related. The topic itself must be researched using different search engines that can be found on the library’s site. The Learning Commons service can be used to help verify if what I’m researching is subjective. Even though I can come up with a topic, having someone else verify what I’m doing causes me to catch things that I missed.

    When it comes to the research paper assignment, that can benefit from the Writing Center and the Library. The Writing Center can help point out what I need to work on grammatically. The Library on the other hand can provide me quiet environment for me to work on my paper. In addition to this I can find articles and books that I can’t find online.

    The Excel project can benefit from the Learning Commons. Even though the project itself is simple, I can possibly learn alternative ways to operate Excel, and I can learn new formulas.

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