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THRIVE: End-of-Course, Reflecting on Your Course Experience

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1. Reflect on the following questions.

  • What surprised you this semester? Why?
  • Revisit the course goals and syllabus. Can you find traces of what surprised you within those documents?
  • Revisit your course goals and expectations. Do you still think they were appropriate for the class? Why or why not?

2. Write a one-page “How to Survive <insert course title>” document for students who take the course next term.

3. Upload your reflection and survival guide.



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  1. pamos

    I have to agree with Michael on what surprised me most about this semester; I was surprised at the use of technology in the course. I believe it was implemented very efficiently and successfully. The course was honestly a bit more work than I expected. I am very pleased with the content we covered and now feel more educated in the field of writing. I have not written pieces in different genres in years and it was great to receive a refresher.My suggestions for students taking this course is you will receive as much as you put into this course. Writing is an effective tool for communication; it is your voice. Would you rather mumble incoherently or speak effectively?

  2. twils055

    I was surprised that I did not have to use Microsoft Word throughout the whole course. It really accommodated the pace of the course and cut down on the time it would have took to turn in the assignments. The syllabus listed all assignments due and they all had a self explanatory title. When first looking at the syllabus I did not see how all the assignments were connected. After taking the source I realized that the assignments were connected and that also helped me determine the steps I needed to finish an assignment. The course goals and expectations were appropriate for the class. In basic English the goals and expectations listed in the syllabus are vital to success. I have learned a lot more the second time taking this class unfortunately.

    How to survive English 110C

    a. Wake up on time to get to class on time

    b. Communicate with the teacher

    c. Finish assignments in pieces before due date instead of waiting last minute to complete it all at once.

    d. Submit rough drafts on time so that your peers will edit it. Peer editing is really helpful.

    e. Use the writing center

  3. mjdesantis

    I would have to say the thing that surprised me the most was the use of technology in this course, and a close runner up was definitely the fast pace. Utilizing google drive the way we did was very effective. It allowed the class to become a community outside of the classroom, letting us link up and review each others work. Another upside was not having to email things back and forth countless times, it was all in this google application for access anywhere and anytime. The course documents surprised me in many ways as well. Every one seemed to be a learning experience, you could say I was pretty ignorant about the principles and writing styles of english. I learned a lot to say the least. I think the course goals and expectations were very appropriate. Nothing seemed impossible, even in times of laziness. It required effort like any class should and all the information to succeed was accessible prior to starting projects. Surviving this class is easy if you just attend class every day,check the syllabus for daily work, get started on assignments when they are assigned, and just put a little effort into everything you do. It was all laid out beforehand, having that clear cut syllabus made life easier.

  4. Joey

    Joey V.
    English 110C

    How To Survive English Composition

    One thing that surprised me this semester was how much writing had to be done. Almost all the work that had to be done was writing, and almost every assignment was a paper. I was also surprised that for all the papers, I barely had to use citations. I didn’t have to have a works cited page until the end of the semester.
    The course syllabus listed all of the papers that had to be done. It listed every paper that I wrote, so yes it did contain what surprised me. I also believe that the course objectives are appropriate for the class. They are all important, and I believe we accomplished all of them throughout the course.

  5. Kevmartz11

    What surprised me this semester was how fast I worked on so many written assignments of different genres. I panicked a little when I saw the amount of projects. I thought how difficult it was going to be to write that many papers within six weeks. Contrary to what I thought, the amount I spent on writing the papers was less than I thought because the professor had given me small assignments in-class that contributed to the main project. I felt that there were a lot of objectives for the course, yet I saw how the course covered them one by one with all the different assignments. The important part of these objectives was that it gave the course a structure, so seeing them be completed is satisfying.

    What I recommend to students taking ENGL 110C in the summer at Old Dominion University, is that since it is a summer course the speed of which the material will be covered will be fast. So, when the professor assigns something it is better to start working on it the very same day. That way there will be time for revising the paper and being able to relax when it is finished early. I know that some people like the pressure they feel when they need to finish an assignment on time but, it is not a healthy feeling. I say this from experience, it is better to work on assignments early so that there are no regrets when they get graded.

  6. dadam018

    What surprised you this semester? Why?

    What surprised me about this semester is how fast paced and how much work that I had to do. Even though this is to be expected since my classes were six week courses, it has been a while since I had to really think so far ahead.

    Revisit the course goals and syllabus. Can you find traces of what surprised you within those documents?

    I was very surprised about how work intensive these courses were. I’m very used to the exams and quizzes being the main focus, however they were very minor. The most important things were doing the work themselves.

    Revisit your course goals and expectations. Do you still think they were appropriate for the class?

    They were appropriate, because both classes have pretty much built up on everything that we did. For example, in English 110, the memoir assignment helped me assess where my writing was. It also helped me get comfortable with the pace of the class. Every other assignment after that built up one after the other while adding new elements. For example, in the argument paper, rather than write in the first point of view we were supposed to write objectively.

    How to survive

    The class that I’m going to focus on is English 110. I’m going to assume that students will take this class in the summer, so my evaluation is going to be based on the six week course outline.

    For one, it is very important for the student to buy the book as soon as possible and READ the assigned chapters carefully. These chapters will help the individual understand the assignments that are rapidly coming up. While reading these chapters the student must be mindful of their schedule and ALL of their papers that are due. Even though this will come towards the end, be especially mindful of the interview paper. As soon as possible find someone in your field to interview. Once that’s taken care of, then all that needs to be done is keeping up with the pace of the class. In addition to this, in general, try to work ahead of the class. Students will be graded for content and grammar structure. Doing your assignments at the last minute will not give the student enough time to edit their work properly. Also, in a couple weeks paper assignments will overlap each other, so as soon as you’re finished with an assignment, then expect to start on another assignment a day or so later. There are no breaks in this class. Even though this is the case, keep in mind that this will only last for six weeks,. Also keep in mind what is probably important to you, which is being successful in your field; This could be a motivational factor.

    When it comes to the papers, be mindful about what classmates say when they edit your rough drafts. The professor is going to check the comments that the classmates made in relation to your final draft to see if you took their advice or not. Something that I haven’t done that other students might be able to do is utilize the writing center. They can help strengthen whatever weaknesses the student has.

    Another important thing to do is ask questions. If you want to get an A and if you are unsure of something, then ask. There is no need to hesitate.


    1. Be mindful of the syllabus
    2. Read the book
    3. Find the person that you want to interview ASAP
    4. Try to work ahead
    5. Be mindful of classmates comments in regards to your rough draft
    6. Utilize the writing center
    7. Ask questions
    8. Keep yourself motivated
    9. Do your personal best
    10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

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