Mar 06

SURVIVE: Knowing Your Syllabus


Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by Sara

1. Pick one of your current syllabi (from any class or the instructor who assigned this activity).

2. Highlight and annotate different types of policies (see an example list of policies below).

3. Construct a legend that correlates each type of annotation (yellow highlight, squiggly underline, etc.) with the type of policy.

4. Read through the syllabus one more time and annotate danger zones (things that might cause you to lose points) and lifelines (things that might be able to help you succeed) for your grades. Mark those and add them to your legend.

5. Minimally, upload a copy of your legend (a picture or screenshot); ideally, upload a full copy of your annotated syllabus with the legend.

Types of Policies to Annotate

  • Attendance
  • Electronics
  • Grades and grading scale
  • Late policy
  • Plagiarism
  • Behavior
  • Participation

Download (PDF, 116KB)

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