Mar 03

THRIVE: Connecting Your Course & Major Goals


Creative Commons licensed image posted at Flickr by U.S. Army

1. Pull out all of your course syllabi for the semester.

2. Look up the description of your major.

3. Visually map all of your course and major goals in a mind map. You can make your mind map by drawing, using post-its, or an application like Mindomo or Popplet.

4. Upload a picture or screenshot of your resulting mind map.


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  1. swmrajt

    My Physics map

  2. malmu007

    Mohammed Almubarak

  3. Ybadis

    Mind map of my last semester of college.

  4. twils055

    My all time goal in life is to learn how to express myself so that others can understand. I hope to be a part of the marketing process the famous Superbowl commercials.

  5. Kevmartz11

    Goal Mind Map

  6. pamos


  7. Joey

    Joey VanLear

  8. abird003

    Anne Leon

  9. dadam018

    I didn’t like how the first diagram looked, so I created a second one. The first one appeared very hazy. Hopefully this appears a lot clearer.

  10. morganstrong

    Morgan Strong

  11. epapp002


  12. Rodney95

    Map of the mind

  13. mjdesantis

    Michael DeSantis

  14. dadam018

    These are my school plans.

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